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Cultural events

Our county is also proud of its cultural heritage, which especially in the summer offers many opportunities to take part in, events that may make your stay in Masuria, even more interesting and unforgettable. An example of an outstanding family activity is the show of taking over the Boyen Fortress in February. In May you can take part in our traditional Family Race, followed by the annual summer festivals organized by the local cultural centers, and traditional annual Gizycko Days, Ryn Days and the Ukrainian Culture Festival. One of the greatest treasures of our region are the folk events: „The Rydzewo May Picnic“, „Midsummer Night“ in Gizycko, Milki and Wydminy, or the one-of-a-kind „Nicz na Iwana Kupala“ in Kruklanki. Folk music fans are invited to come to the Saint Bruno Fair in Gizycko or to the Folk Artist Festival in Wydminy. All those who enjoy poetry will be amazed by the unique atmosphere of the poetry meetings in the windmill in Gradzkie. However, the thing that makes Masuria exceptional in the summer are the sounds of music that you can hear blowing in the wind over the lakes. During holidays you will have a chance to participate in concerts of numerou Polish and international bands, as well as in festivals in the Boyen Fortress, and on the beaches of Gizycko, Wilkasy, Ryn, Wydminy and Kruklanki. Moreover, here there is the most important Sailors and Marine Song Festival „Szanties in Gizycko“, Gizycko Stand-Up Comedy Night, Masurian Hip-Hop Festival, Masurian Jazz Fiesta, and the Warmia and Masuria Traditional Song Festival. Those who enjoy classical music will be pleased with the International Organ and Chamber Music Festival in the Evangelical Church in Gizycko, or the Fall Festival of Orthodox Music. People of different tastes in music can meet during the annual Open-Air Dancing Party. The advantages of the former military sites have been appreciated by the vintage cars aficionados, who decided to organize their annual reunions of vintage and military motorbikes. Those who enjoy traveling on four wheels have recently started to follow this path. The waste-lands, former military training grounds and swamps give the opportunity to compete against other vehicles and drivers. Other will be pleased with quads and 4x4s offered by the local tour operators.

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